Hopita (hopita) wrote,

CCD and Wal*Mart.

We've been really low on honey and beeswax from Bees-R-Us lately. As of today, we are out of beeswax, so I mentioned to Allisyn that if the Bees-R-Us guy calls, she should tell him that we need everything.

Allisyn told me that he did call, and that he blames Wal*Mart for the delay in getting his products to market. Why does he blame Wal*Mart? Because now that it's spring, people are going out and buying all sorts of toxic fertilizers and herbicides and pesticides, and dumping them on their flowers and gardens. And then his bees go and suck the nectar from those flowers. And die.

You can't have honey without bees. You can't really have any plants without bees, actually. No pollination, no reproduction. No reproduction, no future generations. I didn't realize that one of the suspected causes of colony collapse disorder was suburban schmucks with turbo lawns and weedless gardens, but it makes an awful lot of sense.

So here's my new plan:

You dump that crap on your yard? NO HONEY FOR YOU!
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