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I don't really want to talk about how I'm feeling (still lousy), so instead I'll share pictures of my evening.

Lavender lemonade. It was AWESOME!

Plant with a random turkey feather stuck in it

The menu

Pet peeve: When people misspell "lavender" like "calendar" (with an "ar" instead of an "er"). Working at The Co-op, I see this a lot.

Tofu Tenders with vegan ranch dipping sauce

Quiet Salad Wrap (sans feta)

And then I arrived home and discovered that my cats had destroyed my apartment (or at least the bedroom window screen). The neighbors were sitting outside and gleefully informed me that Muchi and Bitsy had torn through the window screen, climbed through the hole, and spent the evening sitting outside, birdwatching.

A better view of the damage. I might get mad if I could manage to stop laughing. :)

My cats are hoodlums. Seriously.
Tags: bitsy, cats, eating, muchi, pictures, quiet storm, vegan
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