Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Bored? Feel like yelling at a bigot? Well, then you should go here.

Apparently after reading an edited transcript of Margaret Cho's performance at the MoveOn Awards, a number of people took it upon themselves to send her racist, bigoted, homophobic emails. She has published these emails, names and email addresses included, on her website.

Two email addresses were removed because the senders sent her emails of apology (the apologies are posted). Many others are apparently begging her to remove their email addresses from her site.

For the record, I can't imagine why anyone would think that using that kind of language was ever an OK thing to do. I also can't imagine raising a child to be a bigot, though clearly people do it every day.

Oh, and this whole thing was brought to my attention by holzman.
Tags: bigots, holzman, homophobia, links

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