Hopita (hopita) wrote,

In my neverending quest to keep you guys on your toes ...

... I spent the better part of this morning in Synagogue.

Yes, really.

OK, so there was a special reason why: Today they were unveiling my grandparents' memorial plaques at Beth Shalom, and my Mother wanted me to be there.

We went to what my Mother thought was just going to be the memorial service, but which really turned out to be the better part of Passover services (I guess not closing services, since Passover doens't end until tonight, but ... whatever services are called when it's the eighth day of Passover). I don't think I'd ever been to Passover services in a Synagogue before, and it was kind of nice. One thing that really sucked, tho: They have theater-style seats (as in individual fold down seats, rather than one long pew) and my ass is basically too wide for them. Every stand up, every sit down ... it was like trying to cram spring loaded joke worms back into the peanut can. Urgh.

I need to leave for work in a minute, but first I promised furious_mold pictures of my grandmother's ring:

And, just because I love non-sequiturs, this is just something that amused me yesterday:

OK. Gotta go to work.
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