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Annapolis: Day 3, Part 2

And here are the final pictures from my trip to Annapolis this past weekend:

Downtown Annapolis

Hansom cab

Hard Bean Coffee & Booksellers

last_girl_guide and bishopjoey

Dog butts :)


United States Naval Academy

Mixed Greens, which looked very cool, but which was sadly closed on Sunday.

The Maryland State House

I loved the juxtaposition of the word "PLEASE" in the window, the mailslot, and the number 13

I think the "Fresh" Penguin (with bunny ears!) speaks for itself.

OK, I'll tell you more about the penguin. It's at Annapolis Ice Cream Company, a favorite destination of last_girl_guide and bishopjoey.

And people decorate their spoons there.

Another potential facebook profile picture for bishopjoey

Frog prince

How do YOU spell "delly?"

There was this really nifty children's clothing store on Main Street in Annapolis. Sadly, I don't remember their name. :(

The woman there told us she made this by buying sock monkey fabric online and simply stretching it over a canvas frame. Too cool!

Annapolis Cigar Company. At the bottom of the window is a framed political ad about smoking, the gist of which was "What if they'd made Winston Churchill smoke outside?"

I bought a new hat!

Hat compliments of Hats in the Belfry

From Hard Bean Coffee, for aaronbenedict, with love. :)

bishopjoey in his natural habitat

Political mural in DC

Where I had dinner

Driving up Connecticut Avenue

Sign directing toward the Czech Embassy

Politics and Prose, another favorite of bishopjoey's

And heading back toward Pittsburgh, and into a really pretty sunset

And that's it. Hopefully later I'll grab some shots of my new ring (from Tibet Shop in Adams Morgan), and the cool stuff that bishopjoey brought for me from Leiden.
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