Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Annapolis: Day 2

OK, I took a lot of pictures today, so I'll likely break this up into (at least) two posts. But since I'm going to be up for a while (SNL, yo), I figured I'd at least get this started:

The little bit of beach that last_girl_guide and I walked to last night

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay on our way to Prime Outlets Queenstown


Somewhere in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge


I really enjoyed the distorted reflection of us in this little inside-the-car rearview mirror

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on our way back to bishopjoey's aunt's house

last_girl_guide, showing off her new purchases

bishopjoey and last_girl_guide

The view from the front porch

The front porch

Wooden ducks (geese?) on the front porch

One of the seder plates (obviously made by one of the kids)

The kitchen

Getting dinner ready

Another seder plate for kids, and the some of the homemade Haggadahs

bishopjoey, checking something online, mid-dinner preparations (A computer in the kitchen? It's dorktastic!)

A light fixture that I particularly liked

Holy popovers, Batman!

Matze Crackers from Holland

And I think I'm gonna call it a night here. Tune in tomorrow for pictures from the seder itself, and the sunset afterward.
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