Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Annapolis: Day 1

bishopjoey and last_girl_guide have already headed over to bishopjoey's aunt's house, but I thought I would do a quick photo update before heading thataway.

Bitsy, helping me pack

Muchi wants to help too

This always cracks me up (Muchi's head, Bitsy's tail -- it's an extra long cat!)

Tino and Jacob

I got stuck behind a super long traffic delay on I-70, so I took pictures of some nearby horses

Common Market, Frederick, MD

It's kind of hard to see, but the disclaimer under the Tofutti says something to the effect of "the product or comapny doesn't fit 100% with our buying principles, but we haven't found a better alternative.".

OK. This is taking longer than I thought. I'm gonna have to upload the rest of these pictures later.
Tags: annapolis, bishopjoey, bitsy, cats, co-ops, driving, jacob, last_girl_guide, me, muchi, pictures, tino, travel, vegan
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