Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Pittsburgh pictures.

It occurs to me that I never posted the pictures from aaronbenedict's visit to Pittsburgh back in January.

We made chickpea noodle soup

Mmmm... soup...

Learning to keep kosher

Muchi makes a statement

The Statue of Liberty in Wilkinsburg. This amused us both greatly.

Tino, Bitsy, Muchi and Opie. I miss my little Opester. :(

One of aaronbenedict's childhood homes

Wall in Regent Square

Another one of aaronbenedict's childhood homes

My childhood home

My grandparents' (former) house

n0thingman and aaronbenedict at Milky Way

Asleep (with Monkeybaby hiding in the background)

Having lunch at Aaron & Ari's Grill

Muchi "helping" aaronbenedict pack

Photographic evidence that every so often Tino *does* decide to make friends with someone :)

Yes he *is* wearing a Steelers yarmulke. Why do you ask?

Dyke Auto Parts

Checking in at the airport

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