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Boston pictures: Day 3

These are pictures from last Thursday in Boston, as well as traveling back from Boston to Pittsburgh:

Haggadah for Jews & Buddhists (in the window at Kolbo Fine Judaica)

Impossible to see, but it says "Our best Seder ever ... Who knew?" This amused me greatly.

Passover Bag of Frogs. Yes, I bought one. Why ... are you surprised?

Passover Frog Hand Puppet. No, I didn't buy one, but I thought about it ...


Amusing ad for ScrubaDub Car Wash

I liked this bike rack design

Finagle a Bagel, again :)

It took some googling, but I found out who Aaron Markey Sawyer is: He's a Marine who went to Brookline High School and who is currently serving in Iraq.

Kupel's Bagels, where we had breakfast

Café Eilat, where we had lunch

I loooooooved this guy

And I love that I can see aaronbenedict in the mirror :)

I kinda loved his butt too :)

On the phone with his sister. I was blown away by how incredibly happy he looked when he was talking with her. :)

From the placemats at Café Eilat (note to n0thingman: this is the thing I wanted to give to you but couldn't remember)

Gay barber pole (insert joke here)

Massachusetts State Police (foreshadowing, anyone?)

William F. Callahan, Jr. Tunnel

Nearing Logan International Airport

aaronbenedict and me at the gate (post drama)

Ooops ... I missed

But I really like this picture :)

Flying home

In front of a Red Cross ad at Pittsburgh International Airport. The ad said "[Red Cross] Equals Hope" and I thought it would be very clever to take my picture in front of it so it said "[my face] Equals Hope," but because the sign was illuminated my camera wouldn't flash, so I was overly shadowed every time. Sigh ...

Giving up, going home.

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