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Boston pictures: Day 2

These are pictures from last Wednesday in Boston (and vicinity). It's literally taken me a day and a half to do this post; it's massive. Consider yourself warned:

Wendy's dog, Callie


My parents have a coffee table that has a very similar design

I gave Wendy this fish in 1995. Her dog has since adopted it.

Wendy has wonderful windows. :)

Harvest Co-op, Jamaica Plain, MA

AWESOME bumper stickers!

aaronbenedict (I kind of love this picture)

Wendy's house

I just really dug the name 'Bagel Rising'

I love it when he smiles :)

I was soooooooo coveting this doorman's coat

The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity, just because I liked the name :)

Sodypop, yo!

The Miranda Creamer building (again, just because I liked the name)

On our way to Quincy, MA

Mantis Plants and Flowers (more sign love)

In Quincy, MA

John Adams

John Adams and aaronbenedict

Abigail Adams

Me and Abigail Adams (and I believe a young John Quincy Adams as well)

The tomb of Henry Adams, great-great-grandfather of President John Adams. I liked it just because it so thoroughly told his whole life story. It's apparently the oldest grave there.

The entry gate to Hancock Cemetery

The Quincy Homestead

Leonardo's Salon and Spa (more sign love)

Boston Police

I kinda dig this picture :)

Across the street from Roxbury Community College

Punjab Mini Mart (I just liked the name)

Cool-looking building (and the street address was 808, no less)

Finagle a Bagel

The Gum Wall Mural (more images of this later)

The goldfish glass at Ta'am China. Is it just me, or do those plants look suspiciously like Star Trek communicator pins?

To boldly go where no fish has gone before ...

Four Seasons Mural

Blue Moose Menorah at Kolbo's Judaica on Harvard Street

The Gum Wall Mural again

The reason it's called "the gum wall"

The hotel had this weird indoor motel/tropical rainforest thing going on. It was like being in a motel that was inside a greenhouse, if that makes any sense.

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