Hopita (hopita) wrote,

A week in pictures.

You know me and my love of taking pictures of everything:

A 1980 newspaper ad for Monroeville Mall

Bitsy has taken to sleeping in Opie's spot. My guess is that it must still smell like him. I get the feeling she misses him a lot. :(

Hey! Jacob! Over here! Love me up!

aaronbenedict was sooooooo excited to learn that there was such a thing as kosher, vegan ham that I photographed our entire fake meat section for him.

More kitty lovin'

Size matters :)

The dome inside Motor Square Garden

A sticker I saw on a random door near the Penn Circle Goodwill

This birthday message appeared in this window at least three years ago, and I've been meaning to grab a picture of it all of this time. :)

How have I never noticed Waffle Shop before? Sounds interesting. Too bad it's probably not all that vegan-friendly.

'Joy of Life' fountain, Gene Kelly Square, East Liberty

Eastminster Presbyterian Church

Eastminster Presbyterian Church with the East Liberty Library sign

The old Charles Ung's sign. Charles Ung's was the first place my Mom had Chinese food, back when going out for Chinese food was something exotic and special. Now Tana's Ethiopian Cuisine lives there, but they (thankfully) left the cool Charles Ung's sign out back.

Motor Square Garden, again

Looking down Baum Boulevard at Eastminster Presbyterian Church

Scenes from my lunch at quietstormpgh

joeskillet behind the counter at quietstormpgh



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