Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Philadelphia Food Porn.

I have about a million pictures from my trip to Philadelphia (OK, maybe not a million, but I think the actual number was alarmingly close to 600). So to get things started, here are the memorable meals of Philadelphia:

Desserts at Max & David's

Carrot cake with ersatz cream cheese filling

Brownie sundae with raspberry sorbet and fake whipped cream

Lunch at Mama's Vegetarian

I tried again and again to get a good shot of the happy falafels on this falafel wrapper, but they always seemed to show up out of focus

... or else out of frame

Dinner at Horizons Philadelphia New Vegan Cuisine (Warning: That link plays annoying non-stop music)

Mushroom Fritters (I swear this didn't look quite so phallic in real life)

Golden Beet Duo

Lunch at The Original Gianna's Grille

Vegan pizza, vegan "cheesesteak" and vegan cannoli!

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