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“So I'm driving... well, "driving" is sort of a loose term. I'm gradually crawling my way along the Benjamin Franklin Expressway, trying to get out of Philadelphia. And a car -- not just a car, a Cadillac full of yuppies just pulled up alongside me and asked me to roll down my window, which I did. And a man in the in the expensive looking white shirt in the driver's seat (as opposed to the man in the expensive looking white shirt in the passenger seat, or the man in the expensive looking white shirt in the back seat) says "Hey! I was wondering if you still love Obama ... or if you still like Obama, now that he's destroyed our economy?" To which I responded "I love him!" And he said "I bet you do" and rolled up his window. So I'm glad that he has "ruined our economy" so much that this guy has to carpool in his Cadillac. Anyway, there's my random Philadelphia moment for the day.”

Transcribed by: hopita
Tags: driving, obama, philadelphia, randomness, voicepost

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