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What the f***?

Ok, this is now the FOURTH time I've tried to post this entry, and somewhere between here and my journal, it keeps disappearing. Here comes attempt number four...

Today was odd. I went to the Co-op to buy some salad for my rat and I saw a sign outside with H.W.S.R.N.'s address on it saying "free stuff - everything must go." I was more than moderately concerned, so I dumped the groceries at home and headed over there. He's ok - just moving and not wanting to deal with moving furniture - and we actually had a lovely afternoon together. We're going to get together again tomorrow or Sunday.

So then I head to my Grandma's. It's my parents' anniversary (38th) and my mother was over at Grandma's. Also, my Aunt Lynne is in town (from Florida) for today and tomorrow. Now, generally when one of my aunts is in from out of town, we all go out to dinner on Friday night, so that's what I was expecting when I was saying goodbye to H.W.S.R.N. and making our weekend plans. Nope. Apparently my aunt wants to go out TOMORROW night (and possibly tomorrow day as well), which screws up my plans. It's doubly frustrating because since H.W.S.R.N. is so close to moving, he's already had his phone turned off, so the only way to get in touch with him to reschedule is to physically drive back over there again, which I feel kind of silly doing (and besides, I need to stay here and finish my laundry).

So there it is. H.W.S.R.N. said he'd schlep to the Co-op tomorrow to call me and make plans, and, depending on when he calls and what he has in mind, maybe I'll be able to do it all. I really hope so because I'd very much like to spend more time with him before he goes wherever it is he ends up going.
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