Hopita (hopita) wrote,


I'm sick. I tried sleeping. It lasted for about three hours. Now I'm awake and sick. Lovely.

So I thought I would use this time to ask for some help from my .

I know someone who will be in Philadelphia for two months for surgery at Wills Eye Hospital. She needs a place to stay. Wills gave me a list of nearby hotels, but I was wondering if you all could think of any better ideas. Any Bed & Breakfasts in the area that might offer extended stay discount rates? Graduate student housing? People you know who take short term boarders?

She also has a cat, and is trying to sort out what to do with her cat for the two months she'll be in Philadelphia. Her cat is female, fixed, and has some health problems, of which I'm not 100% clear on.

Tags: cats, gayle, hospital, illness, philadelphia

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