Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Update on my update on my updatelessness.

My computer? Still dead. Once aaronbenedict and his laptop left, I fished my old dead Compaq out of the rat room closet. It works, but only in twenty minute bursts. Then it does its impression of a Mondrian painting and freaks the hell out.

My shoulder? Probably not sprained so much as a pinched nerve. They want to do an MRI, but that requires a total removal of all of my jewelry (which requires both a set of jewelers' pliers and a good deal of dexterity, neither of which I possess). We settled on an ultrasound as a compromise.

And the rest? aaronbenedict flew back to New York last night, and I miss him like whoa. We're hoping to meet up in Philly next month and I'm all but counting the minutes.

So as a consolation prize for everything, I bought myself a pair of Steelers toe socks. Mmmm, toe socks ... :)
Tags: aaronbenedict, computer issues, injury, links, new york, philadelphia, socks, steelers, technical difficulties, travel

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