Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Holy fucking crap!

When I mentioned last week that Dan and Sprout were unable to come to work because their block was on lockdown? I only knew half of the story.

The police sniper was on their porch. They woke at around 3:00 am to the sound of gunfire. Dan saw the guys outside and called the cops, having no idea that they were the cops. What he thought were two men rifling (for lack of a better word) through a downed man's pockets turned out to be two cops, grabbing guns out of a duffel bag on the ground. When the sun came up, he discovered a previously unseen cop, on his porch, huddled under his cat piss-stained comforter (which was on the porch for the obvious reason). When the cops shot and killed that man, the shot was fired from Dan's porch.

How freaky and fucked up is that?
Tags: cats, cops, crime, dan, death, links, news, sprout, violence

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