Hopita (hopita) wrote,

New Years through the ages.

Last night was one of the most mellow New Years Eves I can remember. I spent it on the phone with aaronbenedict, talking about nothing (how Seinfeld of us). When the clock struck twelve, I would have missed it were it not for the gunshots outside, because I had become distracted by googling "bob crane porn" (yes, really).

So in honor of the ghosts of New Years past, well, here are the ghosts of New Years past:

2004: Skanktastic

2005: Didn't write about it because it was just *that* forgettable

2006: The beginning of the end with unixd0rk

2007: Pining over Sprout

2008: Billie saves the day
Tags: aaronbenedict, billie, eefc, links, new years, phone, porn, sprout, unixd0rk

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