Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Unfit for recirculation.

A number of you know that I love pressed pennies (or "smooshed pennies," or "elongated pennies," or whatever you want to call them). I think it started on a trip to the Empire State Building with my friend Barton maybe 15 years ago. It's fifty cents to commit a Federal Offense -- how fantastic is that? My dear friends lurpy and (especially) bishopjoey have brought me pennies (and sometimes ... er ... what are the small coins called in the Czech Republic and/or The Netherlands?) from their travels around the globe.

Well, there's a certain someone that I'm kinda sorta really seriously smitten with these days, and today he sent me an email which read:

I committed a federal offense for you this afternoon.

Now, I'm sorry, but is that not the hottest thing ever?
Tags: aaronbenedict, barton, bishopjoey, email, love, lurpy, pennies, presents, travel
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