Hopita (hopita) wrote,


OK all you tech types -- I have a problem.

A number of years back m00nshadow bought me a scanner. I never hooked it up because my old computer's USB port was toast. A month or two ago, I bought myself a shiny new computer. Last week, I pulled the scanner out of the closet and got it all set up.

The problem? The new computer runs Vista. I've used the scanner's setup disk, but of course it was created pre-Vista. My computer sees that the scanner is there, but doesn't know how to do anything with it. Yes, I've gone to the manufacturer's website and no, there is not (yet) a patch.

Help! I have pictures I really really want to scan, but I appear to still be without a functioning scanner.

It's a Microtek SlimScan C6, and I'm on a Compaq laptop that's running Windows Vista.
Tags: computer issues, m00nshadow, pictures, technical difficulties

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