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Things that make my heart go pitty-pat

So I'm sitting here at the computer at Quiet Storm, just generally goofing off and minding my own business. An older man comes in and takes the seat next to me, and orders a coffee and a water and an ashtray. Eric the barrista tells the man that the smoking section is on the other side of the cafe, at which point the man says he'll have to come and talk to me later. I quickly posit that he is either crazy or drunk (or, likely, some combination of the two), but then he says "I'm trying to find my long-lost daughter."

This stops me cold.

Anyone who knows just about anything about me knows that I've been in search of Bill, my birthfather, for years now. Furthermore, anyone who knows me knows that the past year of my life has been just CHOCK FULL of major life altering events that seem to appear as if from thin air.

He goes on to say that I seem pretty good on the computer, and that he has his daughter's name but not her address, at which point I start to breathe again.

These moments ... these moments of random surprises and the unexpected ... I love them, I'm thankful for them, but wow ... sometimes they just knock me back. Gotta find my footing again, see what this man's story is. He said he was a writer, a poet ...
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