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Oh dear, it's that time again...

Time to write to your City Council Representative!

First, read this:

City Council majority sets new direction

It keeps all of the city's 32 pools and 19 recreation centers closed. That's a relatively easy call in January, but come Memorial Day, people will be clamoring for chlorine and water.

Then go here:

Pittsburgh City Council

And don't just write to your council person: write to all nine. Tell them ALL why you think this sucks.

And hey - just 'cause the Mayor's Office said it wasn't their fault doesn't mean we shouldn't make it their problem.

Pittsburgh Mayor's Office Service Center

What I wrote to the Mayor's Office:

I cannot BELIEVE you are once again talking about closing all of the city's pools. I'm so angry, I hardly know where to begin.

I paid $20 for a pool tag that was supposed to be good until June 1, 2004. If you close the Bath House before then, you plan on giving me a refund, right?

And just where should I go to swim then? My bathtub? Oh, I know, I should regain my senses and move back to Chicago, where I had three pools in my neighborhood, all of which were free to city residents. That was what we paid our taxes for, after all.

This is beyond absurd. I'm embarrassed to live here.

I've never voted Republican, but if a Republican says they can keep me swimming, you better believe I'll vote for them next time around.

The Mayor's Office Replies:

Subj: RE: Mayors Service Center Request Form

1/5/2004 8:03:05 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Hanna, Dolores" <dolores.hanna@city.pittsburgh.pa.us>

To: "'Hopita@aol.com'" <hopita@aol.com>

City council made the decision to close all of the pools, the original budget from the Mayor kept 12 pools open.

Dolores Hanna, Supervisor
Mayor's Service Center
Office of the Mayor
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