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The Beginning and End of my Love Life.

I haven't heard from Jeffrey since Friday, save for a very brief email (of the "Ok, thanks" variety) on Saturday.

But I'll tell you who I did hear from:

Aaron, my very first boyfriend ever.

Sorry, _aqualung_, but Aaron came first.

It was the summer of ... 1984? 1985? I'm sure it was one of the two, though I'm no longer certain of which. Aaron and I were campers at The JCC's Camp Noar, and we were among the oldest of the bunch. We never did anything more risqué than hold hands, but I still remember that as being quite the thrill. Our camp took a trip to some amusement park in Virginia (King's Dominion?), and we had our picture taken wearing matching "Virginia is for Lovers" hats.

I'm gonna have to track down whatever became of that picture, but wanna see what he looks like nowadays?

He's married, with a daughter, and living in New York. And he sounds like he's just as nice a guy now as I remember him being then.
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