Hopita (hopita) wrote,


About three and a half years ago, I lost my Antioch class ring.

Today a random person on Facebook emailed to tell me that she found it, and has had it all this time.

She found me because we have two friends in common. One -- Amy -- is an old friend of mine from Youth Cry. The other -- Sara -- is actually someone that I don't know, but we have caelidh as a friend in common, so I suspect that's how we became Facebook friends.

So seriously guys: how weird is that?

Weirder still: That class ring was the momentous thing that I lost immediately before meeting unixd0rk. So you tell me: what sort of a sign is it that it was found again immediately before I'm supposed to meet Mr. Out Of My League? (Who, incidentally, could probably use a better nickname ...)
Tags: amy, antioch, caelidh, class ring, email, mr. out of my league, randomness, unixd0rk, youth cry

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