Hopita (hopita) wrote,

July pictures.

Moving right along ...

I'm going to devote a separate post to Sprout's birthday party, just because. Here, then, are my pictures from July, sans the birthday Sprout-tacular:

Crawling under the registers, fixing things that are broken

Doug emerges

Me, in front of Hooters*

Me, in front of Hooters*

Me, in front of Hooters*

People sitting above me on the girders of the Smithfield Street Bridge**

The Puppy





Blank wall

And again

Miss Prissy Pants walking her dogs

Miss Prissy Pants walking her dogs

Miss Prissy Pants walking her dogs

Where I sit

The pool


After the movie -- The Puppy, eric, Julie, Maggie and Kat

Me, à la Olivia Newton-John******

Me, à la Olivia Newton-John******


Me, Kitten and Opie

Me and Kitten

* Have I mentioned recently that I am twelve years old?
** Before the cops chased them away
*** I didn't really expect the picture to turn out, which is why I only took one
**** Have I mentioned that Miss Prissy Pants and Sprout share a birthday?
***** The first time I've taken a picture of her that she said she liked!
****** AKA the day I made Sprout tell me I looked pretty
******* OK, so you've seen these already, but they bear repeating. I'm thinking of the name Dot/Dottie -- whaddaya think?
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