Hopita (hopita) wrote,


Just got home from seeing Xanadu with eric, The Puppy, Kat, Julie, and Maggie. Sprout was supposed to go (as were Ant and Leo the Virgo), but they all bailed at randomly scattered last minutes. Soooooo their loss. eric, Julie and I all laughed so hard that we cried pretty much throughout the entire movie, and Julie actually won tonight's door prize: a skating party for ten at Romp N' Roll, complete with pizza party and several hundred game tokens. It's going to be the most spectacularly fun thing ever. You know, aside from Xanadu.

Oh, and I made Sprout tell me I looked pretty today. Because I did. :)
Tags: ant, compliments, eric, julie, kat, leo the virgo, links, maggie, movies, roller skating, sprout, the puppy, xanadu

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