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I have a story that needs to be told.

After swimming this afternoon, I was driving to work. I was driving on Fifth Avenue/Washington Boulevard between Frankstown Road and Thomas Boulevard. Traffic coming in the opposite direction had stopped. It started moving again, which is when I noticed that one car had really stopped. As I approached, the driver got out of her car and walked to the front of her vehicle.

That's when I saw it -- a tiny little kitten, dusky grey, just sitting in the road, staring up at this woman's minivan. At this point I stopped too -- didn't want to risk the kitten running across the road and getting hit by my half of traffic. The woman walked to the front of her car, scooped the kitten up (with one hand -- it was a teeny, tiny palm-of-your-hand sized kitten), and returned to her vehicle.

Once she was safely back inside her minivan, I started along my way, which is when I noticed the SUV behind her. It was full of people, and every single one of them had their jaws hanging wide open.

I suspect I'll cross post this to pittsburgh, just because it was such a fantastic moment.
Tags: cats, driving, pittsburgh
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