Hopita (hopita) wrote,

It was just a Baby Ruth bar ...

OK, somebody explain this to me, because I'm not sure that I get it:

In the latest Activia commercial, two women are sitting by the side of a pool. One says she's going to go for a swim, and the other says that she can't, because she's feeling "irregular."

So my question is this: She's constipated so she can't swim? That doesn't really make sense to me, but if that is the case, then didn't she know that before she came to the pool? And if so, then why didn't she beg off before getting into a swim suit and getting all the way to the pool?

The only other possibility I've come up with is that perhaps she's afraid she's going to take a dump in the pool, though that seems like a really odd image for an American TV commercial to be promoting.

Also, I'm curious: does anyone get the movie reference in my subject line?
Tags: ads, movies, questions, tv

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