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Dear me.

bishopjoey recently reminded me about the wonderful Anne Clark version of the Philip Larkin poem This Be The Verse, by way of lamenting the loss of his copy of Anne Clark's Hopeless Cases (1987). I told him that he wasn't missing much; that it sounded hopelessly dated now.

The talk of "This Be The Verse" renewed my motivation to work on a mix tape for a certain someone, and a little while ago, I sat down to do just that. I remembered that I'd been thinking of Love and Rockets' song "The Game" (1985) lately, and I decided to include it on the tape. Talk about sounding dated!

I implore all of you thirty-something former punks and goths to go drag out at least one of your tapes from the 1980s - holy crap! I used to think this song was so serious, or profound, or at least worthy of annoying my parents. Today I couldn't listen to it without howling with laughter - it's so fucking corny! Was I ever that corny? I fear that I was ...

We're going to stay awake
for as long as it takes
We're going to stay awake
for as long as it takes
to correct all the silly mistakes we have made ...
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