Hopita (hopita) wrote,


Greetings from the Xenia Holiday Inn, the sorriest hotel I've ever visited.

The internet access is spotty, so this whole post may be lost at any moment. It would probably be better if I sat in the designated computer area, but that area boasts the scariest looking -- and feeling -- electrical socket I've seen in a long time. Tell me: when you push a plug into the socket, should there be a lot of give? No? What about the outlet itself? Should it feel soft and spongy?

Yea, so not only am I NOT plugging my computer in there, but I unplugged the lamp that the hotel had plugged in there already.

Oh, thank you, Trustees, for making it impossible for the alumni to stay in the dorms. Tell me: The alums always pay to stay in the dorms, right? An no one's using them now, right? Which means nobody's giving you any money to use them now. But no ... I'm sure it's much better to have your alums give their money to Holiday Inn so that they can perish in a fire trap in Xenia ...
Tags: antioch, rants, technical difficulties, travel

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