Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Who the hell am I?

Today I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup. They found a cavity, and I insisted that, if they wanted to fill it, they needed to medicate me first. I have a script and now I need to find someone to drive me to and from the appointment. The Puppy has volunteered, but we need to coordinate schedules first.

Now here's the really odd part: I had to ask the dental hygienist to wash her hands a second time, because I could smell that she had recently had a cigarette, and it made me feel kind of nauseous. Yes. Me.

Actually, not five minutes ago I decided against sitting and eating my lunch at one of the outside tables, because the couple sitting at the next table was smoking.

Other news:

I've not yet talked about The Salad Underground, and I probably won't go into depth about it in this post. Yesterday writer00 made a comment about how I'd been too busy living my life lately to spend time writing about my life, and he's right. In a nutshell, The Salad Underground is a group of Co-op people who've been getting together, having meetings, and getting educated. It's a good way to be focusing my energy.

Other stuff includes more (boring) house stuff (trying to get homeowners insurance, having to take a landlord class, blah blah blah), getting ready for Antioch reunion, being a mommy to a cat who has cancer, and, uh, my secret. For what it's worth, I'd tell you, but I know you'd yell at me (well, some of you would), and I need to decide how I feel about things before I solicit opinions from the Peanut Gallery (no offense intended).

So how are you these days?
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