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Surprise news from the Antioch University Board of Trustees

Copied and pasted from the email I just received:
Antioch College Alumni
Breaking News


-- News Stuns Alumni, Faculty, Staff In Depth and Breadth; Timing --

Keene, NH, June 7, 2008-Today, in a surprise announcement, the Antioch University Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution calling for the Alumni Association to create the process to secure Antioch College's independence from Antioch University, with its own board of trustees. Additionally, the resolution calls for the Alumni Board to craft a business plan for the transfer of assets from the University.

"The Antioch College Alumni Association stands ready to continue Antioch College as a residential, undergraduate four-year liberal arts program with shared governance and a tenured faculty," said Nancy Crow, President of the Alumni Board. "We thank the University Board of Trustees for making the decision to turn the process over to the elected representatives of the College alumni. By doing so, they have ended ten months of anguish."

Matthew Derr, a member of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Board, said, "As Antioch College moves forward with plans for its independent future, we acknowledge the accomplishments of the University campuses and their programs. We hope that they will continue to flourish as they follow their own paths."

When asked how this resolution differs from previous agreements, Crow replied: "This is startlingly different. This is a resolution supporting complete independence from the University. Additionally, the Board of Trustees is asking the alumni to create the process, not to work within a prescribed process."

She continued, "I know I echo the feelings of many alumni when I say how grateful we are for the courage demonstrated by the Board of Trustees by this decision. We look forward to ensuring our process moves forward swiftly."

This resolution comes two weeks before alumni around the world are to come to Yellow Springs for the College Reunion, June 20 - 22. Crow said, "We need alumni to come to campus to help the Alumni Association Board craft the plans needed to create a well-funded, vigorous and vital Antioch College for the next 155 years-at least!"

We welcome your feedback on this newsletter.

Aimee Lunde Maruyama '96
Director of Development & Alumni Relations
College Revival Fund

Alumni Board Communications Team
Christian Feuerstein '94,Chair

So NOW who's coming to reunion?
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