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OK, I need to get this out:

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I hardly ever write reviews of movies or TV shows. But Sex and the City is a movie that you need to dissect afterward and, well, I went to see it alone. :(

For starters: The theme music! I need the theme music! If they ever (heaven forbid!) make a movie version of Friends, I expect it to begin with the dulcet sounds of "I'll be there for you ..." When I go to see Sex and the City, I don't want to hear some sampled-all-to-hell, barely recognizable version of the theme song -- I want the theme song, dammit! If you absolutely must do some fancy schmancy remix, have the good sense to be like The Addams Family and bury it over the end credits.

Next up: I was happy to see this point brought up in the __sexandthecity community, because it really really bugged me: WHERE THE FUCK WAS MARCUS??? Yes, it's been a few years and yes, tragic breakups happen every day, but they explained the absence of "Ma" -- where was the explanation for Marcus?

And speaking of Stanford's apparently single status, did anyone else have less of a problem with him and Anthony kissing than they did with him and Anthony saying "Oh, thank gawd you're here!" when they first saw each other at that party? I already made this comment over at __sexandthecity, but kissing each other when everybody else is kissing? Yea, sure, it's New Year's, there's been alcohol, eh -- what the heck. But happy to see each other at a party? As if. Given that scenario (at a party and the only familiar face belongs to Anthony), it seems to me that Stanford's reaction would be more along the lines of "oh crap -- I don't know anybody here except that bitchy little queen..." than "oh, thank goodness you're here!"

Other things that bugged me: Smith, Samantha and the ring. What was up with that? Like anybody couldn't tell he was bidding against her from the moment Charlotte (or was it Carrie?) said "she's bidding for someone on the phone." He knew she wanted it, he knew she was going there to bid on it, so he had some woman go there as his proxy to bid against her? What sort of sense does that make? And if you want my two cents on their breakup ... ugh, I've got a lot more than two cents to give about that.

Would Smith ever stop fucking Samantha? Not unless he was in a full body cast, no. Would Samantha ever move away from New York? Equally unlikely. And would Smith have been upset if, given all of those circumstances, Samantha said "I need to get laid and, since you're not doing it, I need to find somebody who will"? Doubtful. Samantha wasn't down with Richard cheating on her because he was cheating -- he lied and went behind her back. But she's always been conflicted at best about the whole idea of being monogamous with Smith. I dunno. I may just be bringing my own stuff to this, but the whole situation struck me as more about Samantha being unhappy in LA than Samantha being unhappy with Smith.

And speaking of relationships ... oh Miranda. Miranda Miranda Miranda. Are we seriously not going to talk about your depression, which seems likely to be a side effect of menopause? I seem to recall some mentions toward the end of the series about menopause ... and, what -- everyone went through it in the three years since the series ended? I gather it's because menopause isn't, you know, sexy, but hey -- neither is breast cancer, and the series dealt with that just fine. So instead of just making Miranda look shrill and irrational, howzabout a little insight as to why.

A few random other thoughts:

It makes me feel weird to hear Big called anything but "Mr. Big." If anything, they should have made revealing his name a big deal, not just a casual aside.

The big wedding happens within the first hour of the movie. Yea, nobody could tell that that was going to go wrong. It's like when they find the murderer in the first fifteen minutes of Law and Order: they're got a bunch more time to fill, so you just know it's gonna go south.

Carrie gets the two best lines in the movie, and both while they're in Mexico: "That was like taking a bullet" and "I think Charlotte Poughkeepsied her pants."

Oh, and WHAT THE FUCK happened with Daphne Rubin-Vega? To go from starring as Mimi in Rent on Broadway to "Baby Voiced Woman" in the Sex and the City movie? Wow. Who the fuck did she piss off?

Oh, and Samantha fat? Hardly. Gained a few pounds? Sure. "Fat." Yea, right.

And I guess that's it for me for the moment. If you haven't seen the movie yet, be sure to click back on this post once you do, because I'd love to hear what you thought.
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