Hopita (hopita) wrote,


Just to recap:

In order of appearance, in the past week, I

• Found out I didn't get that promotion I applied for

• Got insulted by our HR Director in the process

• Got into a big fight with my best friend's fiancée

• Had my car mysteriously lose power to its headlights

• Had the problem fixed (it was a switch) to the tune of about $115

• Found out that Opie has cancer

• Found out it's incurable

• Had my ex come in to The Co-op and snub me yet again

• Got publicly shamed for being fat

And now I've just gone outside to discover that someone smashed up my side view mirror. Now I'm back upstairs and back online so that I can transfer still more money out of my saving-up-for-a-house fund so that I can pay for yet another automotive repair.

So, um, Universe? What the fuck is up, yo?
Tags: cancer, car, eefc, fat, fighting, illness, jane, lilostitch, opie, unixd0rk, work

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