Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Billie's going away party.

This one is gonna be huge. I shot maybe four rolls of film. Here, then, are the pictures from Billie's going away party:


Kid Ice

Kipper, Young Mike and Callie

Sara and Jim Lingo**

Helen and Ant

Sprout, Ant, Jim Lingo and Brent

Sprout and Ant

Shannon, Dan*** and Billie

Dan*** and Billie

Helen, Shannon and Dan***

Dan***, Billie and Chris****

Brent, Shannon and Jamie

Brent and Shannon

Brent, Little Joe, Kipper and Young Mike

Chris, Jim Lingo and Ant

Jim Lingo and Ant

Chris, Jim Lingo and Ant

Chris, Jim Lingo and Ant

Ant, Little Joe and Brent

Jamie, Elisa, Billie & Jessica


Billie and Me*****

Meg and Billie

Elisa, April, Jessica, Young Mike and Meg

April and Young Mike

Brent, Billie and Ant

Sprout, Brent, Ant and Billie

Brent, Ant, Jessica and Billie


Billie, Yeagel and Sara

Billie, Yeagel and Sara******

Yeagel, Brent, Ant and Little Joe

Brent, Sara, Kid Ice and Yeagel

Sara, Kid Ice and Yeagel

Brent, Chris, April, Billie and Ant

Somebody I don't know, Jim Lingo, Brent, Billie, Meg and April

Brent, Sprout, Billie & Joey Coconuts

Ant and Joey Coconuts

Brent, Ant, Sprout, Billie, April and Steiner


Young Mike

Young Mike, Billie, Chris, Shannon, Little Joe and Jamie

Young Mike, Billie******* and Jamie

Young Mike, Little Joe and Billie********

Billie and Ant*********

Little Joe, Fran and Jamie

Elisa, Meg, Billie, Brent, Jessica, Joey Coconuts, Ant, Jim Lingo and Little Joe

Yeagel, Sara, Jim Lingo, Jamie, Brent, Billie and Young Mike


My purse**********

Jessica, Joey Coconuts and Billie, taking my picture with her camera phone


Kipper and Callie

Billie, Sara and Yeagel

Fran and Billie

Shannon, Helen, Ant, Dan*** and Young Mike***********

Shannon, Helen, Ant, Dan*** and Young Mike***********

Shannon, Ant, Dan*** and Young Mike***********

Shannon, Ant, and Dan***********

Shannon, Ant, and Dan***********

Ant and Dan***

Fran and Chris

Fran and Chris

Steiner, Dan***, Billie and Ant


Young Mike, Shannon and Fran

Shannon, Billie and Ant

Callie and Chris************

Dan***, Chris and Ant

Dave's friends, Dave and Ant

Dave, Billie and Ant

Billie and Ant

Ant and Billie

Billie and Ant

* draw_in_yellow: for the most part these would have been your decorations (and party favors), had your party actually happened. The cross was for Easter, tho.
** With the "stud finder," a ridiculous party favor I found in the "bachelorette" section of Papermart.
*** The "Dan" in all of these pictures is not the Dan I usually talk about but rather Chris' brother, in town visiting for the weekend.
**** Did I tell you he was cute?
***** I hate this picture. She looks like a supermodel and I look like a garden gnome.
****** With the defective party blower
******* Stud finding
******** Stud found!
********* I love this picture
********** No clue what this was all about, but oh well.
*********** I was in the other room and heard a loud crash. I came in to find Ant, drunk, on the floor and Shannon laughing hysterically. Ant remained on the floor and drank some more, while Shannon laughed harder.
************ Have I mentioned cute? Yes, quite.
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