Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Updates and apologies.

Opie's home, and doing well. I picked him up at around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. He was very chill until we got about five minutes away from the vet's, when he started meowing up a storm again. It made me cry -- it felt so good to hear his voice again.

The vet cleaned his teeth and flushed his sinuses, and he's back on antibiotics again, but otherwise, nothing has changed. Like I told varro in another post, none of Opie's teeth were abscessed and the x-rays, while inconclusive, certainly didn't show any large tumors. So now we sit and wait for the snot cultures to come back from the lab.

Meanwhile, while my attention has been focused on Opie, all sorts of Antioch drama has been happening, and I've been feeling like a bad alum because I've been able to give it zero focus. My email inbox, which I'd whittled down to 200 after the whole broken computer fiasco, is back up to 457 and climbing, and the last time that I read anything new was ... last weekend? Maybe? I don't know. But I've gotten to the point where it feels too overwhelming to even begin to tackle, so I just ignore the whole thing. Not so good for my correspondence. So my official public apologies to everyone that I've been ignoring (and draw_in_yellow, especially to you).

The one bright glimmer: there's a really cute boy at work, and he keeps sending me text messages. n0thingman, you know who I mean. I've given him the tag "babyface," because I'm not coming up with anything better at the moment, and because I suspect he's about 15 years my junior. But oh is he pretty ...
Tags: antioch, computer issues, crying, draw_in_yellow, driving, email, illness, opie, orange mike, the puppy, varro, vet

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