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Rainy Labor Day

It's a rainy Labor Day here in Pittsburgh. Today is the last day the outdoor pools are open (that is to say, the four pools that the city didn't close when they pulled the plug on the other 29 - http://www.post-gazette.com/neigh_city/20030807centersc3.asp#list ), and it doesn't look like I'll be swimming because it's very cold and rainy outside. Of course the weather says that next week will be in the mid-80s, but all the pools will be closed then.

Monica and I were supposed to see the final installment of Cinema in the Parks last night: "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" on Flagstaff Hill. The crappy band (sounded like Mojo Nixon but lifted their melodies out of 50s girl groups' songs) got to play, but then it started pouring rain when the movie was getting ready to start. We ran for the cover of a tree (the tree planted in 1966 by the Ladies' Auxilliary of the Pittsburgh Police) and made new plans to rent the movie at West Coast Video and watch it in my apartment. They were all checked out at the Squirrel Hill West Coast Video, but the Bloomfield store had plenty in stock.

I was supposed to brunch with my mother today. She called at noon, and, when I said "Hello?" she replied "So, do you want to build an ark?" Heh.

Well, I should probably log off and call her, as I'm starting to get pretty hungry.
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