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There've been so many things I've wanted to mention in the past couple of days, but time has gotten the better of me.

There was yesterday morning, when the doctor gave me a cortisone shot in my foot, which was basically instant Tourrette's Syndrome. "This is going to pinch," he said. "HOLY FUCKING CRAP THAT HURTS! FUCK!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!" I replied.

Yesterday was also Billie's last day, which was a bummer. Oh, and have I mentioned that I applied for yet another promotion? I interview on Friday.

Today, I told Sprout that Dan had surprised me by responding in a completely chill manner when I told him that I had applied for the job. "Maybe Dan secretly wants to get rid of you," Sprout responded. "Oh [Sprout], you're always so reassuring," I replied.

In his defense, he did apologize.

Then again, he was a jerk the other day too. We were both talking about not having plans for Easter and I asked if he wanted to hang out. Ant wandered over and interrupted, so when I saw Sprout a little bit later I told him to just let me know whenever about Easter. His response? "Nah, I'm good." Like I was offering to refill his water glass* or something.

Other random shit: I finally got the disk for the rest of those rave pictures, but for some reason, Photobucket is being uncooperative tonight.

And holy crap, my break ended five minutes ago. Oops.

* Memo to _aqualung_ and all the other servers on my friends list: yes, I recognize that this would be rude behavior toward a server as well.
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