Hopita (hopita) wrote,

A dream I had that only Sprout will appreciate ...

But since he's busy at the moment, I'm going to write it down, so that I don't forget.

I was ... where? I'm not sure (damn! I'm already forgetting!) and Dan and Sprout were there. Dan (in real life) had a cat (Snowball? Snowflake?) die last week. In the dream, Dan hadn't buried the dead cat, but had instead kept it in the freezer, because he wanted to give me the chance to say goodbye to it. I didn't really want to, but Dan was insistent, and left me on the couch while he ran to fetch the cat. He returned shortly, and had Sprout start the tape player -- loud, cheesy funeral home-esque organ music -- Dan's idea of being funny. I started getting upset -- told him to stop it, and that it was seriously going to make me cry. I think I actually did start crying a little bit as I said it, and, while he didn't turn the music off, he did at least turn it down.

He handed the dead cat to me and sat on the couch beside me. The cat was wrapped in cellophane and he unwrapped it as he handed it to me, while leaving a cellophane "tray," if you will. I started petting the cat. In real life, the cat was all white, but in my dream, the cat was pink -- like raspberry juice -- and sort of agouti/tabby striped. I started petting the dead cat, while Dan started talking to me about other things. I looked down at the cat and noticed its side would raise up as I pet it -- sort of like breathing, although I attributed it to thawing out. Then I looked down and realized: no, it was breathing! Dan was oblivious, still talking about whatever he'd been talking about, and I stopped him: "Dan -- this cat's not dead!"

By now it was more than just breathing: it has started to really thaw and was moving its head around, opening its eyes and looking around.

"How am I going to tell [his ten year old daughter]?" he wondered aloud, as I plotted to take the cat home with me and *not* leave it in that household a moment longer.

OK, back to work.
Tags: cats, dan, death, dreams, sprout

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