Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Off to an auspicious start.

My computer died. Really died. Like it says the config/system file is missing died. I left a message for n0thingman and am using my old gerbil-on-a-wheel computer for the time being. My computer's been being hinkey for a while now. I'd been wanting to back up my files, but it wouldn't let me -- the USB port died, and when I put a disk in the CD drive, it never seemed to finish "thinking" so I could create some folders. Again, I await n0thingman's assistance. And rest assured: once my files are salvaged, it's off to Staples for a brand spankin' new computer.

But my day actually started off even worse than that: it began with a dream about unixd0rk. I've forgotten a lot of the specifics in the past few hours, but I remember that I was trying to reach him by phone, and ended up speaking to one of his housemates who clearly didn't know who I was and who told me that he'd gone off to Atlantic City with susanholmes418 and someone named "Lana."

I'm not sure if that has more to do with my Mark/Dan/work-related stress, or if it's because today is March 4th, which is the anniversary of that date that he and I had, oh so many years ago, where I realized that I was falling for him, and hard.

Either way, I've gotta get ready for work now.
Tags: anniversaries, computer issues, dan, dates, dreams, eefc, mark perry, orange mike, susanholmes418, technical difficulties, unixd0rk, work

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