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Seattle pictures, volume 4.

This roll of film features mostly family stuff. A word to the non-Jews out there: The B'nai Mitzvah was held at a Conservative Synagogue, which meant no pictures anywhere inside -- not even in the social hall after the services. So if you were wondering about the lack of photos ... well, that's why.

The pictures:

Me in downtown Seattle

Smiling in Seattle*

Showgirls theater**

His sign says "My father was killed by Ninjas -- need money for Karate lessons"***

Windswept in downtown Seattle

E Clips Hair Studio****

Crossing Lake Washington

Crossing Lake Washington

The Synagogue*****

The dinner my Aunt Anne & Uncle David sponsored at the hotel

The dinner my Aunt Anne & Uncle David sponsored at the hotel

The dinner my Aunt Anne & Uncle David sponsored at the hotel

Driving to services (crossing Lake Washington again)

Saturday evening party at Jeri's house

Bunny, Lee and others at the party at Jeri's house

My Mom and Aunt Anne at the party at Jeri's house

Aunt Anne and Uncle David at the party at Jeri's house

* I love this picture
** I dug the marquee.
*** I love anybody with a sense of humor.
**** I dig creative business names as well (and especially after last week's lunar eclipse)
***** Photo ban or no, this sign cracked me up.
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