Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Greetings from Bellevue.

It's the butt crack of dawn -- or rather it will be, in about two hours -- and I'm wide awake. My body and my brain seem to disagree about what time zone I'm in.

The hotel that I'm staying at is really far away from the city. Yesterday's adventures involved an hour and a half bus ride each way, and that was just to get to the very northernmost areas of the city. I'm still hoping to get to that 12:00 tour at Antioch Univeristy, but I now recognize that it may be easier said than done. Also, I gather I'm going to need to allow lots of time to get back here for family stuff.

I'm downstairs now in the "Business Center," and my mother would be displeased, because I'm wearing my pajamas in public. Oh well. At least they're red flannel and not, you know, trampy.

Man. It kind of blows to come to Seattle and be nowhere near Seattle.
Tags: antioch, family, mom, seattle, travel

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