Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Sara's birthday party & random other pictures

Here are pictures from Sara's birthday party last weekend. For a once it was somebody other than Brent who took their clothes off (no, not me), though there are still plenty of pictures of Brent in compromising positions.

Jared, Callie, Kipper & Young Mike

Callie, Brent, Kipper & Young Mike

Young Mike, Fran, Kipper, Callie & Brent

Brent, Kipper, Fran, Jamie, Young Mike & Jared*

A bunch of people I don't know & Fran

Randy, Emily, Jim Lingo, ?, Jared & Fran

Elisa, Jim Lingo, Jared, Fran & ?

Randy, Jared, Yeagel, Sara & ?

Jim Lingo, Jared, Yeagel, Sara, Fran, Emily & Young Mike

Emily, ?, Elisa & Randy

Yeagel & Kid Ice**

Yeagel & Kid Ice**

Knowledge, ?, Emily & ?

Fran, Sara, Brent & Steiner***

Jared, Callie, Sara, Steiner & Brent

Fran, Yeagel & Steiner****

Fran, Sara, Brent, Jim Lingo & Steiner

Fran, Jared, Callie, Jim Lingo, Sara & Brent

Brent, Fran, Jared, Steiner, Yeagel, ? & Jim Lingo watching Pee Wee's Playhouse

Jamie, Steiner, Calllie, Yeagel, ?, Jim Lingo & Sara watching Pee Wee's Playhouse

Steiner & Jim Lingo

Young Mike, Callie, Sara, ? & ?

Callie, Kipper, Sara, ? & ?

Jamie & Jared

The 10th Street Bridge

The 10th Street Bridge

People swimming at the Oliver Bath House




* Makin' puppies
** I love these pictures -- just look at their faces!
*** Well look who took off their pants *this* time ...
**** I ♥ the Marlboro Man
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