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Brent's birthday party.

I think I'll just let these speak for themselves.

Elisa, draw_in_yellow, Kit Ice & Fran

Brent and Callie*


Thomas, draw_in_yellow**, Elisa & Steiner

LaShaun, Young Mike, Jamie, Brent & Thomas

Fran, Brent & LaShaun

Fran, LaShaun, Callie & Brent

Jamie, Fran & Brent

Kit Ice & Steiner

Fran & Brent

Fran, Thomas & Brent

Callie, Fran & Brent

Kit Ice

Fran & Brent



LaShaun & Brent

LaShaun & Brent


Brent, Thomas & Ant

Brent, Thomas & Ant****

Thomas & Ant

Callie & Brent

LaShaun, Fran, Jamie & Brent

LaShaun, Callie, Fran, Jamie, Brent & Kipper

Brent, Fran, LaShaun & Jamie

* I love this picture
*** Oh, the humanity ...
**** When viewing this picture, Thrasher posited that Sprout would be jealous if he saw it. And Jim Lingo, for the win, replied "[Sprout]'s the one who bought him the lap dance!"
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