Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Delirium, Thursday-style

Once again, Matt Baya says I need to write in my LiveJournal. Why? Because apparently I'm sending emails to people in response to hallucinated conversations. Is this the flu? Because this is sure not like any ear infection I remember in recent history past blah blah blah geez man ... sometimes words just get away from me ...and I'm trying to pick a name for a thing that I can't say here cause it's for a thing that'll go to someone who might read this and this makes no sense I don't know what the fuck Matt was thinking.

And Matt says I should link this.
Tags: illness, insanity, links, m00nshadow, randomness

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    I was close. Gayle died at 10:30 tonight.

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    The morning news reminded me that it's now been a decade since this happened.

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