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Pictures (Not Brent's Birthday)

These are the rest of the pictures from draw_in_yellow's going away thingy, as well as a couple of other random odds and ends. Brent's birthday party will get its very own separate post.

The pictures:

George, Meg, LaShaun, LaKeisha & Maggie

Allisyn, George & Meg

George, Meg, LaShaun, LaKeisha (with Kevin's balloon bicycle) and Maggie

Kevin, Maggie, Shannon, LaShaun & Allisyn

Maggie, Kerry, Meg (saying goodbye) and Allisyn

Allisyn, LaShaun & George

Kevin, Maggie & Allisyn

Kevin, Maggie, Shannon, LaShaun and Me

Kevin, Shannon, Kerry, LaShaun & Me

Kerry & Allisyn

Kevin & Maggie

LaShaun & Allisyn



Perfect Weight display*

Perfect Weight display*

draw_in_yellow's last day


*Ah, the crap we sell. These pictures were mainly taken so we could send copies to the sales rep.
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