Hopita (hopita) wrote,


Since coming to work, I've had a complete and total meltdown. Conversations with Dan left me in tears 2, 3, 4, maybe 5 times. Sprout had a produce delivery, but was apparently afraid to come in here to ask me to move my car. I've no idea what that's even about.

But at least now shit has quieted down and I've *finally* gotten the chance to do the math that needed to be done in order for me to get a better handle on my backstock situation.

Now if only I hadn't told Dan to fire me ...

Ignore anything I said about Sprout. He didn't even realize that it was my car, and they loaded in the truck without my having to move it. For bonus points, he and I had a nice little chat later about my anniversary and my babyhood.
Tags: crying, dan, eefc, freaking out, math, sprout

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