Hopita (hopita) wrote,

I'm the only good thing that ever happened in January.

I wrote about this once before, but today is my anniversary. On January 14, 1971, I was delivered to my parents, not by a stork, but by a social worker in a taxicab. All the time between my birthday and now? I was in an orphanage -- a Catholic one, no less.

My Mother has always said that I was the only good thing to ever happen in January, and I am proud to accept that as my claim to fame. This morning she sent me an email with the subject line "Special Day" and I was so touched, I actually cried.

My anniversary also means that it's just about time for International Don't Fuck With anarqueso Day™. I forget if it's today or tomorrow, but the rules are pretty simple: don't fuck with anarqueso.
Tags: adoption, anarqueso, anniversaries, crying, dad, me, mom

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