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I'm at Quiet Storm once again. Driving over here, I was consumed by one single thought: "Wow, I really shouldn't be driving." I was so distracted. And I can't hear for shit. When I got here, St. Peezy was here and was trying to talk to me, but I could only hear about half of what he was saying, though I do remember that he said he quit smoking five days ago. He and I were both sitting in the smoking section when he told me this, by the way.

I came very close to getting on my cell phone and calling everyone I knew because I needed White Out. "Hello random friend who hasn't spoken to me in ages. Would you mind terribly getting in your car and driving over to Quiet Storm to bring me a bottle of White Out? Thank you ever so."

Now I'm trying to get Allison's attention before she goes back to her knitting so I can get a brownie, but she's not easy to catch. Yaay! Caught her! Mmmmm.... brownie. And ginger ale. I am all about the ginger ale this week. This post makes no sense. I'm bummed that someone is sitting on the couch 'cause I could really go for a nap right about now.* Oh well. Brownie.

* The Epilogue:
Now the person has left the couch, but all their crap is still there, so I STILL can't take a nap.
Tags: peezy, quiet storm, randomness, smoking

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