Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Ant and Amber's birthday party

I got my film back from Ant and Amber's birthday party. I had a weird misunderstanding with Sprout about the pictures, but Sprout approached me afterward in a really calm way which deescalated everything and kept the peace.

At any rate, the pictures:

Ant, Si, Fran and ?

?, Deb, Ant, Si, Fran and Elisa

Ant on the radiator

?, ?, ?, Amber, Thomas and Jasmine

The moustache crew

Young Mike, Julie and Joe R.

Billie, Julie and Deb

Billie and Fran*

Billie and Joe R.**


Ant, Jasmine, Erin and ?

Me, wearing the Christmas present I gave to Sprout****

Fran, wearing the Christmas present I gave to Sprout, and Young Mike*****

Lara and friends

The piñata

The piñata

The piñata

The piñata

The piñata

Lara and the piñata

Lara and the piñata

Lara and the piñata

* I love this picture
** This one too.
*** My Mom says I look like a composer. Or a barrister.
**** I was afraid it would make him mad. He said it didn't, but he also immediately handed them off to April and then disappeared outside
***** Another favorite picture. It just looks so wrong ...
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